Voluptuous Breasts Basking in the Sun

Voluptuous Breasts Basking in the Sun

We all know that plants need sun to grow. Apparently, this works on gigantic tits as well. Clearly Wifey has spent many an topless outdoor hour letting her massive mammaries soak up the sun to get the to grow to their current 34f size! The sight of Wifey’s glorious rack exposed while still wearing sexy, see through lingerie is one of the reasons I still visit www.wifeysworld.com every day! If those titanic tits every get sunburned, I would glady volunteer to help out by oiling them up with some aloe vera!

Busty Blonde Milf in black Thong Bikini

Busty Blonde Milf in black Thong Bikini . What's her Name ? WIFEY

Out of all the hundreds of big breast amateur photos of Wifey’s amazing tits bulging out of her tiny bikinis, this shot may be my favorite. Perhaps it is the fact she is clearly waiting on all fours for an incredible erotic adventure ending in a messy facial cumshot or possibly even a mild session of spanking! Either way, the sight of Wifey’s succulent ass in a tiny black thong bikini bottom makes me ready to help rub some lotion on Wifey’s back. A huge white load of my man lotion!

Wifey Guest – Anjelica Sinn

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Topless Amateur Cougar Spotted in Woods

Topless Amateur Cougar Spotted in Woods

I suppose that the term “cougar” doesn’t really apply as accurately to Wifey as much as Busty Amateur Milf or Big Tit Horny Housewife do, especially considering Hubby and Wifey are pretty much the same age. But “cougar” worked better with the woodsy, outdoor feel of this photo. This quick and impromptu shot of Wifey baring her amazing voluptuous jugs and shaved beaver in the woods is the perfect begining to Wifey’s World summer camp week 2. Spotting this pink breasted bed thrasher makes me want to spend more time bird watching in the woods. Of course, if Wifey were a bird, she would probably be…… a swallow!

Outside Cocksucking

Outside Cocksucking with wifey from wifeysworld

When you have years of experience as a horny amateur housewife and milf who happens to share her amateur sex photos and videos with the world, simply sunning yourself by the pool is just not enough. As evidenced over the last few posts, Wifey tends to spend her time sunning her tits topless in public, prances around in wet t-shirts and shows off her amazing ass in skimpy bikini bottoms. Let’s add amateur outdoor blowjobs and facials to the list! The shot above is a voyeurs wet dream as well as being an summer outdoor sex trifecta! Topless Milf exposed for all the world to see… check. Busty housewife showing off and sucking cock for all to see…. check! Sexy succubus opening wide and catching a spray of cum….check!

Wifey Guest – Hot Wife Rio

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I am a Brazilian housewife who really enjoys sex! I promise that each and every week you will cum over and over again while watching my very detailed and hardcore movies and pictures. My amateur sex members section has an average of 15 minutes of video’s every week starring your’s truly. My videos are the largest, highest quality and full screen videos around.

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Big Tits at the Lake

Busty Blonde Wifey shows her Big Tits at the Lake

An entire website could be build and contain only the amateur outdoor and nude in public photos of Wifey exposing her huge tits, amazing ass and sexual skills in the great outdoors. In today’s post, Wifey apparently decided to that her 34f tits and beautiful brown nipples needed some fresh air. She is kind enough to put her ample bosom on display and take a stroll around the lake. Why can’t I live in a neighborhood in which big breasted horny housewives expose their breasts in public. Thankfully, I can always rely on Wifey’s World to take care of my voyeuristic needs!

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wifey's world movies

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Wifey shows her short skirts in the sun

Wifey shows her short skirts in the sun

As our sexy and sizzling Summer of Wifey continues, I thought it might be time for a gentle reminder that it is possible to be sexy outdoors or in public without exposing a bare breast, flashing a sheer bra, allowing a glimps of your thong from beneath an outfit or sunbathing topless. Case in point, just take a peek at Wifey’s lusciously long legs in a scandalizing short skirt. A couple of more inches and we would be treated to the sight of Wifey’s tight and shaved pussy peeking out at us from under the hem of her skirt. Let’s all take a moment to be thankful for the hot weather that inspires exposed flesh, cleavage and long legs in the summer! I don’t think this shot qualifies as an amateur upskirt shot, but I love it none the less.